Taylor Way Round Back Rotary Cutter (3pt)

360 Series

60" and 72" Models

For Tractors w/Cat I Hitches

Feature a 60HP slip clutch protected gearbox. Designed to perform and last! 



*5 Year Warranty*



CID X-Treme Brush Cutter (Skidsteer)


 60" and 72" Models


Equipped w/bidirectional blades, powered by a high torque piston motor and bearing housing. Ideal attachment for tough clearing applications. 




*1 Year Limited Warranty*

**warranty does not cover blades or hoses**





Taylor Way Round Back Rotary Cutter (3pt)

487 Model


For Tractors w/either Cat I or II Hitches.

Comes equipped with a 90HP slip clutch protected gearbox designed to run at 540 RPM. 


*5 Year Warranty*



Renegade Bale Squeezer (Skidsteer)

W/Hydraulic cylinder and hoses.

Designed for gentle handling of heavy wrapped silage bales.

Accepts standard 8" stroke implement cylinder

Opens up to 71"






 Taylor Way 3pt. Gear Driven Tiller

962 Series 

84" For Tractors w/50-65HP  

 Whether you have tough sod or hard compact ground, these tillers get the job done. With 6 tines per flange, you can till down 8", producing an ideal soil mix!



*5 Year Warranty*